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Hey girl, take a walk on the wild side

Ok, let me start by saying this, if you missed the Milk Run this year, you missed out! Sorry, but it has to be said 😊 Running 25kms across the wild coast with mind-blowing views, phenomenal adventures, and the opportunity to squeak some tekkie with a bruski in each hand... Who wouldn’t want to do this! Also though, this race is NOT FOR SISSIES! Holy moly, if I hadn’t emptied out my 3L hydration pack after being shunned for carrying so much water, I might still be out there!

As a group, we trained pretty hard for it, but regardless of how fit you think you are, that coastline is always going to dominate you! The only advantage you have by being fitter is that you probably won’t suffer with muscles so sore that you feel like the Incredible Hulk is ripping them out of your legs with his bare hands.

The race covered some of the most incredibly beautiful views through Tsitsikamma, and you’ll go far to beat the Goosebumps you’d get from the places you see, not to mention the fact that you’ll be part of only a few handfuls of people in the world who will ever get to see it. It can only be described in superlative terms... The environment is unique in that is has the best of both worlds, the incredible beauty of the forest as well as the pristine coastal shorelines. The trail often meanders very close to the shoreline (sometimes a little too close for comfort as one fatal slip and you might not make it to the end), but hey, that’s what us

Adventure Junkies seek in life, the more thrill, the better 😊

The organisers host this race for the community and all profits go towards a good cause, like putting kids through school, purchasing equipment etc!

If you get a chance in the next year, make friends with the guys from @AthletesBru, you must be invited to this race, but they are situated in wild coloured shirts and a lot of banter all over SA! I promise you Adventure Junkies, it’s so worth it!!!


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